What Every Parent Should Know About Healthcare

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Caregivers: lend me your ears! I have recently benefitted greatly from something called Nutrition Response Testing and I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about it! Nutrition Response testing is a form of muscle testing in which your body will actually tell the healthcare provider what it is that ails you. Through muscle reflexes responding to certain stress prompts, the patient’s reaction level will indicate not only the issue but also the amount of nutritional supplementation that they will need. Because, after all, it all comes down to nutrition when you turn your attention to health. As Hippocrates said himself: Let Food Be Thy Medicine.

My recent introduction to Nutrition Response came about when I was misdiagnosed by a primary healthcare provider with appendicitis – APPENDICITIS! Being the mother of two wonderful little girls, I dutifully took myself to the ER in an effort to preserve my life. Once I got there, a battery of tests were administered all of which came back negative for this, or negative for that…you get the picture. The break point of my ER visit came when the ER doctor, unable to determine the cause of my right-side-abdominal pain, suggested that I have a CT Scan to fully rule out appendicitis. NO THANK YOU! After talking it over with my husband, and discussing the possible impact of radiation (100 times more than an x-ray, mind you) we decided not to fry the rest of my eggs inside of my 37-year-old ovaries and respectfully declined the scan. So we left the ER late that night and I was still in as much pain as when I first arrived there earlier that day.

The next morning, I called my Sports Doctor of 8 years, Dr. Lisa Palmer Dean of Palmer Wellness Center in Longwood, FL. http://www.palmerwellnesscenter.com/services/nutrition-response-testing/ She had me come right in and ran her physical scan on me after which she found that one of my intestinal valves was not opening all the way. She explained to me that she was going to release the tension on it and for me to expect it to hurt a bit. I braced, she manipulated, and the pain was immediately lessened! Just like that.

Immediately following her adjustment, she ushered me to one of her massage therapists who released my right hip flexor muscle which had tightened (a lot) due to me walking funny because of the week’s pain. And let me just say that it felt like my hip was bursting into flames each time she dug into it to release the muscle. Yes, I cried tears of pain.

But I felt better! And I was better!

Thereafter, I engaged Dr. Palmer for full Nutrition Response Testing through which she found that my thyroid gland was crashing, my pituitary gland was not happy, my adrenal glands were completely shot, my sinuses were mad at me, and my surgical scars were causing me electrical dysfunction. Up and until I added the nutritional components that my body had been lacking, my hair famously shed all over the place and I was generally sluggish and unmotivated to jump to my feet and play, exercise, and I never really wanted to exit my front door if I didn’t have to. I had gotten into the habit of chalking it up to being a new mother of two and just writing the whole thing off as some post partum baby-bluesy symptomology. I had suspected that my thyroid was not functioning optimally for a number of years and underwent quite a few blood tests that included thyroid screenings all of which consistently came back normal. But, as Dr. Palmer explained to me, lab work analysis merely takes your results and compares it to the general population – but if the general population in our nutrient-deficient, processed food-saturated, and overall malnourished society is generally unhealthy, then the lab result indicators are thereby effectively rendered useless. So she set out to fix my thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands, and my sinuses, too. Now my hair doesn’t fall out in clumps and I’m less nervous than usual. I have also noticed that I’ve been developing a farmer’s tan which is a clear indication that I have actually been spending more time outdoors!

Parents, this is the real deal! I have talked to other Nutrition Response beneficiaries and each and every one of them have related success stories – success stories that consistently followed prognoses of doom from their primary doctors. Once I reach my health optimization, my three-year-old will start her NP testing and once she does, I suspect that her little body will be optimized to put the smack-down on those preschool cooties that have consistently plagued her over the last couple of years.  Stay tuned for more!!!


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